They say snakes are not cuddly. Bryan Barczyk would beg to differ.

Barczyk Is Determined To Make Change Our Attitude Towards Reptiles

Brian runs The Reptarium, a reptile zoo located in the Detroit suburb of Utica in Macomb County. He has been around snakes and reptiles most of his adult life, and he loves destroying the myth that snakes are scary and not lovable.

A recent Instagram post by Barczyk of him taking a nap while covered with two giant pythons slithering over his resting body notched over one million views, and drew attention from as far away as India, where life with snakes is, well, let's just say a little more common.

While I'll take Barczyk's word that this is relaxing, I will tell you this, Barczyk is undying of his love of snakes, and his love of educating people like me, who are deathly afraid of snakes, that snakes are more friendly than you might think. If you know how to handle them right.

Barczyk's You Tube Page Gets A Lot Of Attention

If you want a crash course on reptiles. Braczyk's page is where you want to go. Brian has over three million subscribers and offers hundreds of videos educating

A recent video shows what happens when you get bit by a rattlesnake. And no, he doesn't get intentionally bit by one, that is a different level of crazy. But he shows what happens to your blood when you get bit, and offers tips on how to deal with a bite in the wild. (99.9% of snake bites are treatable IF you get help within two hours).

He also does videos about the snakes life cycles, and shows how snakes are born from eggs.

And here he is feeding a giant anaconda a live rabbit, which is NOT helping with my fear of snakes.

Brian also sells snake merch at his web site, to help raise funds for The Reptarium.

Being a fan of snakes does have its down side, like occasionally having to deal with a snake bite. Yikes!

Brian seems like a good guy with an optimistic take on a hobby that not many of us would want, and there's a kind of Steve Irwin-esque charm about him that I like, so pay his video page a visit or the Reptarium's page if you want to learn more about snakes and reptiles.

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