Winter is back and with it comes bad weather and bad drivers.

Here are the five worst kinds of drivers you'll see on the roads this winter in Michigan.

Salt helps to melt snow and clear roads, but it doesn't help drivers with a lack of common sense. A new report says Michigan's drivers are among the best in the nation, but our extreme winter driving conditions continue to bring out the worst in many as they display a lack of skill and no courtesy towards other drivers.

Here are some of the worst drivers to watch out for this winter.

  • Douglas Grundy, Getty Images
    Douglas Grundy, Getty Images


    After heavy snowfalls, periscopers only clear snow from a small area of their windshield. It's just enough so they can see the road directly in front of them and nothing else. The area on the windshield cleared of snow is rarely more than 12 inches across.

    If you're driving near a periscoper, keep in mind that they don't even know you're on the road.


  • Sean Gallup, Getty Images
    Sean Gallup, Getty Images


    Balancers are one step ahead of periscopers. They always clear the snow from their windshield, but they never clear the roof.

    The snow on the roof will eventually come down. It could be a brief dusting or it might be in a fierce explosion of ice chunks. Just hope you're not behind them when it happens.

    Unlike periscopers, balancers know you are on the road, but they just don't care. They have an uncanny knack for balancing towers of snow on top of their vehicles, but caution should be used when driving behind them on entrance ramps.

  • Chris Hondros, Getty Images
    Chris Hondros, Getty Images


    SnowVengers operate their vehicle under the false assumption that their four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicle gives them superpowers. They believe that they have the superpower of extreme speed, but they don't understand that icy conditions are their kryptonite.

    SnowVengers are easy to find. They are most often spotted driving large SUVs. Look in your rear-view mirror when driving conditions are the worst and you'll see a SnowVenger tailgating you.


  • Dan Kitwood, Getty Images
    Dan Kitwood, Getty Images


    Turtles prefer to stay protected in their natural habitat, the garage, all winter. However, they are occasionally forced to go out into the wild. When this happens they are easily identified since they are the slowest thing driving on the road.

    Turtles drive far below the speed limit all winter even when the roads are perfectly clear.

    If you know a turtle, please introduce them to Uber.

  • William Thomas Cain, Getty Images
    William Thomas Cain, Getty Images

    Snow Ninja

    Snow ninja's move quietly through the night after heavy snow storms. They are the hardest of all bad winter drivers to see because they never use their headlights.

    Sometimes a snow ninja won't even turn their headlights on, but usually the headlights are simply covered in snow.

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