Who would know our shopping habits more than one of the top retailers in the country?

According to Business Insider, Walmart looked at what people were buying, over 2017, on Walmart.com. They gathered the top 25 items purchased in each state and revealed some of the most interesting... because nothing says "interesting" like Walmart. Murica!

Despite what people may think about Michiganders - at least we have two major things going for (hopefully most of) us:

1) We're clean
2) We smell good

The data found that the top seller in Michigan is lavender-scented cleaning products. I can concur because I currently have a Swiffer wet jet, air plug-ins, a Lysol spray, soap & laundry detergent that are all lavender-scented so obviously I'm not the only one who's on a lavender kick!

And as someone who's obsessed with cleaning, it makes me very happy to know that my fellow Michiganders are committed to having clean homes.

But what about everyone else?

While some states weren't that much of a surprise, like California where they're pumping up on protein powder. Some other states have you wondering "WTF?" such as Louisiana who's buying more root beer extract than anywhere else. Ew. Why? Wisconsinites prove what cheese heads they are because apparently the cool thing to have in your house is a Green Bay bathmat. And out of all of Barbie's occupations, Farmer Barbie is the one Hawaiian kids are choosing to play with. I prefer McDonald's Barbie, but that's just me.

You can see what all the other states bought the most last year in the map below.

via Business Insider
via Business Insider

Until 2018's results... happy new year (and cleaning), Michigan!

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