Between food, family, activities, music there is a LOT going on during the holiday season which means a lot of people are Googling Christmas-related things so of course its only right to be nosy and dig in to what everyone is Googling.

Satellite Internet used Google Trends to find the most popular Christmas searches in each state on December 25, 2017. There were the typical searches such as recipes and the weather. And even though its the season of spending time with family it seems that many people would rather be shopping as a bunch of states wanted to know what stores are open on Christmas #retailtherapy

But what about Michiganders... what are they looking up on Christmas? Just think about that for a second. People are going to Google and typing "" in the search bar. Shockingly, Michigan isn't the only state doing that unnecessary step. In fact, "" was the most popular thing people were Googling in America *facepalm*

What stuck out to me was that in Rhode Island, their top Google search on Christmas was "Tinder." Being single around the holidays can be rough especially if you're stuck on an island. I can only imagine the lonely winter nights so who am I to hate on someone wanting some Christmas love? Hang in there, your Hallmark happy ending might happen.

You can see what all the states are searching in the map below. Until next Christmas and hoping Michigan gets a little smarter.


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