You hear about those stories of people calling 911 for dumb reasons but this is totally legit.

Fox 2 Detroit reports that last Thursday (4/5), a woman from Evart found the eight-legged monster in her home and after (what I assume) screaming bloody murder, called for police to come help her kill it.

But the dispatcher told the woman that she was technically misusing 911 and that next time she could get arrested. However, police were still nice enough to help the poor lady out and come rescue her.

If you think this story has a happy ending you are wrong. According to the police report

The alleged arachnid was gone upon officer’s arrival.

I personally would not be able to sleep at night knowing there was a spider on the loose somewhere in my house.

*Note I feel like I should clarify that this is not an autobiographical blog. As terrified as I am by spiders, I usually will resort to spraying it with Clorox until it dies or trapping it in a cup for someone else to kill later.

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