A Michigan Wolverines player has stepped up big time to help families in need be able to have a Thanksgiving.

With a lot of enzone celebrations and players talking to the cameras these days, sometimes it appears football players are more about themselves than team players or even citizens of the communities they play or live in. That is not the case with Michigan Wolverine running back Blake Corum.

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According to FOX 17, Corum used his name, image, and likeness (NIL) money to hand out 100 turkeys on Sunday through his "Giving Back 2 Give Thanks" event.

In a day and age where college players can now get endorsements where they can rake in millions of dollars, it really shows the character of Corum using his own NIL money to help out in the community. In my book, that is a touchdown right there.

Corum is not only representing his character but also showcasing the character of the University of Michigan.

Corum was not alone in his mission to help others in the state of Michigan. He was joined by teammates Nikhai Hill-Green to help distribute the turkeys, mashed potatoes, canned goods, and macaroni and cheese.

FOX 17 reported, "I've always given back, whether it's a football camp or small things," said Corum. "I've always invested in giving back to my community and trying to get the next generation to live out their dreams. Thanksgiving was coming along, NIL is going really good, and I told my dad, 'I'm going to buy 100 turkeys.'" 

I'm sure Court's dad is very proud of his son. I don't even know him and I'm proud.

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