Here's something we only see in Michigan every 17 years, the 17-year Cicada.

The 17-year Cicada was a mystery to many for years. It is crazy that a species lays its eggs in the ground and it takes 17 years before they hatch as adults then only live for about 4 or 5 weeks. This definitely took many years to understand and someone had a lot of patience.

According to FOX 17, the last time the 17-year Cicada reared its ugly head in Michigan was back in 2004. The bug repeats this cycle every 17 years in the spring in parts of the mitten.

Having a young son and a lot of yard work to do this spring, you better believe I will be on the look out for these Cicadas since they lay their eggs in the ground. The eggs manage to feed on tree roots as they grow and mature over the decade and a half plus they stay in the ground.

What is wild is that there are broods of cicadas all over the United States that are on completely different schedules but the brood that is found in Michigan is called Brood X. Hey, if you are looking for a band name...Brood X...c'mon, I'd go see them, but maybe once every 17 years.

If you are looking for the 17-year Cicadas, you may want to do a little research before hand because there are several types of cicadas and it is easy to mistake the different breeds with Brood X.

The graduating class of Brood X will show themselves in 2021 sometime in late May and early June. Unfortunately they will only be around for 4 to 5 weeks. Hopefully these little critters make the most of their time before moving on to the great brood in the sky.

No one still knows why the 17-year Cicadas only show up every 17 years, we just know they do. The only other thing scientists have figured out is, cicadas really don't harm anything other than small young trees. The bug will eat the leaves and new young trees need those leaves to help grow their roots but other than that, the cicadas don't do much of nothing else. So if you have some newly planted trees, this year you better keep an eye on them.

I guess I will add the 17-year Cicada to my list of questions for when I enter the pearly gates. If anyone knows, the man upstairs will.

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