It didn't take long for students who are staying on campus at Michigan State University in Lansing, Michigan, to begin testing positive for COVID-19.

When the pandemic first hit back in the winter, the one thing I saw as good news was that warmer months were coming plus students would be out of school for the summer, I thought it would give the world a chance to get a handle on the virus.

As the pandemic has loomed on, I have been dreading the fact that school is going to resume and I worry about my son coming in contact with others who may have the virus at school.

According to MLive, we are already seeing the beginning results of students getting back to school and having problems with the coronavirus as multiple Michigan State students who are living on campus at Holmes Hall have tested positive for COVID-19.

The students that have tested positive are currently self isolating while the university is working with the local health department on contact tracing on those who may have come in contact with the infected students.

The rule is, if someone has been less than six feet for 15 minutes from someone who has tested positive, they need to get tested and self quarantine for 14 days and also let the health department know in order to trace others who may have come in contact with you.

I have dreaded the return of school for students of all ages, not that I don't want them to get their education but just because I want them all safe.

At the tail end of the school year, most schools and classrooms who were operating were doing so with virtual learning. I was really hoping that would be the focus moving forward with a new school year.

Hopefully Michigan State can get a handle on these before the rest of the students return to class or a better plan is put in place for virtual classrooms and/or less students in the class with social distancing in place.

It looks like there is still a lot to work out from the college level all the way down to the kindergartners.

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