UPDATE: After being closed for approximately 90 minutes, the Capitol has reopened. 


According to a release from Michigan State Police, at 6:40a.m. Thursday morning, a call came in to the Michigan Control Office in Lansing in which a male caller made a bomb threat. The Capitol building was temporarily closed which police checked and secured the area. After they determined the building was safe, staff was allowed to return. MPS continues to investigate.

Michigan's State Capitol in Lansing is closed Thursday due to an unspecified threat. The Detroit Free Press reports that Michigan State Police have confirmed the threat, but have not released further details. Lawmakers were told the closure is temporary while MSP is investigating and they'll be notified when the building reopens. Michigan Senator Mallory McMorrow Tweeted about the closure, sharing a text alert she'd received.  

The closure comes one day after rioters stormed the U.S. capitol in Washington D.C., causing damage and delaying the counting of the electoral votes. Four people have been reported dead, one shot and three suffering medical emergencies.

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