With all that kids face in going to school, therapy dogs are being brought in to help in comforting children.

Being a dog owner, I can directly see how a dog can bring comfort and companionship. I live by myself, my dog is always glad to see me no matter what my day was like. I often find comfort in caring for the dog and even someone to talk to sometimes if that makes any sense.

We all know the tragedy that took place at the school in Oxford, Michigan, on November 30, 2021. Those kids returned to school this week and therapy dogs have been brought in to help the students.

FOX 17 reported that therapy dog trainer Michael Burkey with Michigan Dog training adds the companions are simply, "very non-judgmental. Just pure love and helps take the focus off the stress of what they're dealing with." 

Dogs learn to welcome affection while at the same time providing comfort for kids. Therapy dogs are now even joining in on counseling sessions.

FOX 17 reported, "Anything we can do to add to that feeling of comfort, that feeling of safety and security we are going to do," said Oakland county sheriff Michael Bouchard.

Sheriff Bouchard has added a therapy dog by the name "Little Oxford" to his department in order to help kids his deputies come in contact with at Oxford schools.

Even doctors who specialize in mental health all know the research shows that therapy dogs can reduce stress, trauma, feelings of isolation, and PTSD for kids of all ages.

Therapy dogs don't just help children but can also have a huge impact on adults. I have to admit when I come from work, my dog Jake is there waiting for me with his tail wagging and he always softens up a hard day at work for me.

Don't be surprised if more and more therapy dogs are found in schools and communities all across Michigan. It's simple and they work, and anything that can help a child in today's world of uncertainty is a plus.

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