If you kayak, canoe or paddleboard in the waters of Michigan, good news, the state threw out the proposal to make you register them.

Earlier this month, we found out through WWMT, the Michigan State Waterways Commission met and proposed having you register your non-motorized watercraft, for a small fee.  Which was because there’s more of them on the water each year since popularity is growing and the fee would help with patrols…. and possibly build more accessible docks for the boat.

According to MLive, the Senate Outdoor Recreation and Tourism committee met, drafted a resolution strongly opposing the proposed $10 fee and unanimously agreed to approve it.

MLive reports that state Senators heard the public outcry about the proposed fees and wanted to make sure the waterways commission and residents of the state know that it was not something the Senate had a desire to discuss.

Interestingly enough, the same day as the resolution was approved by the senators, the Michigan State Waterways Commission also scrapped their idea to charge the $10 registration fee after they too heard plenty of complaints from the public.

source: MLive & WWMT

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