Volunteers from all over the U.S. are headed to Texas to bring relief to those affected by Tropical Storm Harvey.

WZZM-13 reports that at least 20 Red Cross volunteers from Grand Rapids left for Texas over the weekend; Six more left from Muskegon Monday. 

Mike Mitchell, Executive Director for West Michigan told WZZM-13, "We're thankful for the dedication of volunteers who are willing to help those in need."

According to The Weather Channel parts of Houston saw more than two feet of rain in 24 hours. The total amount of rainfall cold reach 50 inches. The storm is expected to hover for several days, and tornados are possible.

According to a release, The Red Cross reports there are has hundreds of volunteers on the ground in Texas along with more than 80 tractor-trailer loads of supplies and ready-to-eat meals. They have shelter supplies for more than 34,000 people with additional supplies for 18,000 on the way.

Brad Kieserman, vice president of Disaster Services Operations and Logistics for the Red Cross said in a statement,

"It's been a tragic weekend, and unfortunately, the worst is yet to come. It's been predicted that Harvey will continue to hover over the region and might drop as much as an additional 30 inches of rain. Thousands of people have had to be rescued, and we are in the beginning of a massive relief effort, providing safe shelter and comfort for those forced from their homes. The American Red Cross is on the ground now and will be there for weeks to come, working alongside our partners to coordinate response efforts."

You can support the Red Cross' relief efforts online or by texting the word HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

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