Grand Rapids

Wallet Hub has released the list of U.S. states in order of "happiness," and Michigan shows up at 43rd out of 51!

Wait, 51? WTF? Oh, they counted the District of Columbia as it's own state maybe hoping to throw things off.  

But they should have realized that all the rich politicians would be super happy with their lives, and show up as high as they did.

But what happened to Michigan? Why are we so low on the list?

I'm sure it has nothing to do with Grand Rapids.

So, I'm totally going to blame Detroit, maybe Flint and Lansing. Those guys are dragging us down!

If they'd done most of the research on Michigan's west side of the state, I'm sure we'd be right up there near the top! Even ArtPrize is freaking cool, whatever you feel about deranged art randomly strewn around downtown.

And how does Grand Rapids rank 39th for things to do? There's always something going on around here!

We need to have a talk with the rest of Michigan. It's time they stepped up their game.

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