As the weather continues to cool, you might be looking for more things to do indoors. Especially on those cold, rainy, windy days.

Personally, I love a good puzzle. Typing that and/or saying it out loud always makes me feel like I should be retired and relaxing on a porch but, it's the truth. Puzzles have a way of relaxing me.

Sure, you can head down to Meijer or Walmart and see what puzzles they have to offer. Or, if you're looking for something related to Michigan, you can browse through Amazon's selection. As it turns out, they offer a bunch of Michigan-themed puzzles.

Here are at least 8:

1. For the Beer Lovers 

Honestly, you would need a gigantic puzzle to fit all of the beers that the state of Michigan has to offer. But, you'll find the most popular (or maybe a few you've never heard of) on this 1000-piece puzzle. From the seller White Mountain Store, you can snag this puzzle for $19.99.

2. The Grand Haven Lighthouse 

This puzzle is only 500 pieces and is good for all ages. According to the Amazon description, the pieces are made of wood so the completed puzzle could also be used as home decor. Sold by the store YYone, this purchase will set you back $24.99.

3. For the U of M Fans 

This puzzle is panoramic and is made up of 1000 pieces. The audience section of this puzzle looks especially challenging but, a fun gift for that University of Michigan fan. The seller, the MasterPieces Store, is offering this for $19.99 (or on sale as I type this at $17.99).

4. Mackinac Island 

It's hard to capture the beauty that is Mackinac Island but, this puzzle does a pretty good job. At only 500 pieces, the description says this is for adults but, with your help, I'm sure the kids would love it, too. From the store Dowdle, this one is a bit more expensive than others on the list at $29.99 (or on sale as I type this at $24.99).

By the way, did you see the "test" Northern Michigan University gives to its new students? Let's just say...a lot of them learned how to say "Mackinac" for the very first time:

5. Michigan's Attractions

Another option from the White Mountain Store, this puzzle features popular Michigan attractions and brands. Everything from the Binder Park Zoo to Big Boy Burger can be spotted in this puzzle. This one is also 1000 pieces and can be purchased for $19.99.

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Michigan Maps

The next 3 are different variations of maps of Michigan.

6. A Wooden Michigan Map

This 1000-piece puzzle, which is made of wood, features cartoon-like drawings highlighting what different parts of Michigan are known for. Battle Creek, for example, is represented by a child eating breakfast cereal. Holland features the Dutch windmill, and so on. Since it's made of wood, it's a bit more expensive at $32.99.

7. Michigan's Wine

This 1000-piece puzzle, another from the White Mountain Store, features Michigan's most popular wines. The map details the regions where popular wines are found while the entire puzzle is framed by popular wine brands. You can purchase it for $19.99.

8. Highlights of the State of Michigan 

This puzzle map, also 1000 pieces, points out the most popular things from each part of Michigan. The Detroit Zoo, the Gerald Ford Museum, Traverse City with its's all on this map. Another one from the White Mountain Store, this puzzle will cost you $19.99.

You can browse through even more Michigan-themed puzzles here.

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