Believe it or not, Michigan is known for its pizza.  Think about it.  Little Caesars is a Michigan company, Dominos is a Michigan company, Jet's is a Michigan company, and there is even an entire style of pizza named after Detroit.

So, a Michigan pizzeria is an obvious inclusion in a list of the best pizzerias in the country. put together a list of the best pizzerias in the country and Loui's, a Detroit style pizza place in Hazel Park, was the only Michigan pizzeria that made the list.

Thrillist says that "The pizzas are made in aluminum pans with Wisconsin brick cheese that goes all the way to the edge. The sauce goes on the very top, but you'll really know it's Detroit when you see the gloriously burnt, caramelized edges."

Getting from West Michigan to Hazel Park isn't the quickest trip, but if you are a fan of Detroit style pizza (If you haven't had it before, check out the iconic Michigan pizzeria Buddy's first) you need to make the trip to one of the best versions of the pie in the nation.

And the mention in Thrillist's list of the best pizza places isn't Loui's only accolade, The Food Network also named Loui's one of the best pizza places in the country.

You can check out Loui's location below.

If you want to see the other pizzerias that Thrillist named in their best pizza in America post, you can visit it here.

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