A frustrated Michigan man recorded an emotional  video of the difficulty he has had dealing with the health system in getting help for his mentally ill son. It seems to have touched a nerve.

Jay Gross and his wife Jo spent 14 days at a Mid-Michigan hospital trying to get help for their son, who had an episode at the family's home.

Frustrated by the lack of help in the system, Gross released a video on YouTube, which has, at the very least, opened up a dialogue with his insurance company about some possible solutions.

I will warn you, this is tough to watch.

Since the video was posted, the couple has received an outpouring of support, both from those who are in similar situations, and from the health care industry. 

In a Facebook post from Tuesday, Gross is reporting he has since received an offer to sit down and hash out some issues with his insurance provider, AND received offers of help from lawmakers, who are hoping to provide additional services for those whose loved ones suffer from mental illness.

As someone who has had family members with similar issues, I can certainly empathize with Jay. It is probably the most misunderstood problem, and some health care providers really don't have a grasp on it. I have been fortunate to have had some understanding health care workers who went above and beyond to make things right. And I just want them to know I appreciated it.


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