Conservation Officer Mark Siemen (don't make the joke...okay, you've already thought it...go ahead then) was parked in his patrol truck in Sanilac County, when a vehicle nearly hit him. The other driver proudly held up a beer can in salute and sped away. Big cojones.

The Conservation Officer followed the other driver, and watched him chuck the beer can out the window. Then, the high-speed chase began, with the perp running stop signs, and trying to speed away.

CO Siemen contacted Sgt. Scott Brown to assist with the stop, and when the perp finally stopped, it was discovered that he also has warrants for his arrest in Lapeer County.

Moral of the story? If you have warrants, try not to draw attention to yourself. You should also try REALLY HARD to not run into official vehicles, nor salute them with beer as you drive. And don't litter, that s***'s bad, too.

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