When you think the world is becoming jaded and cynical, along comes a Good Samritan who restores your faith in humanity.

A guy in Michigan named Dave Schmitt was going through the  Taco Bell drive though, and asked the woman working the drive-thru why a camper had been sitting in the parking lot for so long.

It turned out the employee he was talking to had been living in it.

Margie Wolfe has been trying to keep her head above water as a member of the working poor. Margie, or Miss Margie has she's known to customers at a Taco Bell near Lansing, has been homeless since February 2021 when she was displaced from her home due to the pandemic. In July, she was forced to start living in with her son in her truck and camper in the parking lot of the Taco Bell on Herbison Road in DeWitt.

That's when Dave Schmitt drove in for some lunch.

"I said, 'What's the story with this truck and camper that are out there?' And the drive-through attendant said, 'Well, that's where me and my son live.' And that's how I came to meet Miss Margie," Schmitt told FOX 47 News.

"When I told him that I lived there, he said, 'Okay. I didn't realize you are homeless.' I said, 'It's hard. I've been homeless since February of this year because of the COVID. I couldn't get my rent paid up in time and could not stay where I was. So that's when I ended up in the camper,'" Wolfe told FOX.

Schmitt began visiting the restaurant more frequently, and would help Wolfe out by giving her as much money as he could.

Within a few months, after saving the money, along with some of her own, she was able to find an apartment to rent.

But Schmitt was not done helping. He enlisted the help of some friends and family, and helped Margie acquire some humble furnishings for her home.

Dave is no stranger to helping out strangers. In 2018, he came to the aid of a Domino's employee who was stricken with cancer.

Dave has a quest, to help out as many people as he can, and you can help. If you would like to contribute to help his latest project, which is to get Margie some brakes for her truck, you can contact him via e-mail: dave@printspartan.com.

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