James Vreeland took the viral trend of building picnic tables for squirrels one step further and built a whole restaurant for them. 

The restaurant even has a fancy name, Maison de Noix, which translates from French to 'Nut House', which describes the main menu item served at the rodent diner. Also served are stale pizza crusts and bread.

"Every morning we have a rush around 10:30 to 11," Vreeland told FOX 2 News. "With the shutdown, there's not a lot of cafe options we're the only game in town."

Also visiting the eatery are birds and the occasional house cat, who may be interested in dining on the patrons then he may be in the nuts.

You can watch all the action on James' Facebook page which live streams the restaurant most mornings.

"The blue jays are terrible tippers and fairly messy diners but they'll swoop right into the middle of the action, steal peanuts and make a run for it," James told FOX News. you can see his interview below.

I should build one of these in my yard for the squirrels in my neighborhood, who are finding life tough in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, because the dumpster at the local Burger King no longer has much in it.

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Mini Picnic Table Squirrel Feeders are THE BEST

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