How does a jackpot turn into a loss? Like this.

A man from Pontiac, MI, who was in the middle of divorce when he won $30 million playing the lottery, was just ordered to split the winnings with his ex-wife.

ClickOnDetroit says that the man bought a Mega Millions ticket in 2013. At the time he and his wife had already been separated for two years. However, they were legally still married. The divorce wasn't finalized until 2018.

An arbitrator for the case ruled that even though the two weren't together, the winnings is still considered marital property which is defined [by Investopedia] as acquired during the course of a marriage.

While the guy technically lost the case, in the end, he's still walking away $15 million richer. Not to mention as a single man. I wouldn't be too upset if I were him cuz I'd just buy myself a pair of shoes to feel better. And maybe a boat.

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