04Does being able to do splits mean you're sober or just drunk af?!

I'm going with the latter considering it was this guy's eighth DUI! Sterling Heights Police released dashcam footage of a traffic stop involving a 53-year-old man from Madison Heights. Cops pulled him over on the night of September 19th when they saw him swerving, according to WDIV in Detroit. To make it worse, he didn't have his license, which is suspended mind you.

It was then that cops asked him to get out of the car to conduct a routine sobriety test and instead of walking in a straight line he did the splits... in his jean shorts and all. I'm impressed, I can't do the splits with or without alcohol.

But all jokes aside, this guy has a serious problem. His breathalyzer showed that he was almost 3x the legal limit and has convictions spanning back to 1985.

You can see the video of the drunk "gymnast" below.

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