A Michigan man is in Federal custody after being charged with sending corporate secrets to Iran.

According to FOX 17, a man located in Ypsilanti, Michigan, was caught by the Federal Government sending trade secrets to his brother in Iran.

A 42-year-old engineer by the name of Amin Hasanzadeh has been charged by Federal prosecutors in Detroit for sending to secrets to a foreign country as well as lying on immigration forms and failing to disclose he served in the Iranian military.

Hasanzadeh has a green card and is a permanent resident in the United States.

According to members of the FBI, the Michigan company Hasanzadeh worked for is part of the auto and aerospace technology industry from which he sent confidential documents to Iran. He specifically worked on a supercomputer that had many aerospace applications stored on its hard drives. Hasanzadeh allegedly sent the files during 2015 and 2016.

Hasanzadeh asked for an attorney when he appeared in a Federal court Wednesday.

Hasanzadeh currently works at the University of Michigan but will remain in Federal custody until his hearing that will happen on Friday.

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