A Michigan man has been arrested by Detroit police after successfully jumping over a rising drawbridge in Detroit.  The arrest came after the man's car landed, popping all of its tires and smashing its windshield, on the other side of the bridge.

According to a report by Click On Detroit, The incident occured at the Fort Street Bridge on Wednesday of last week.  In the report, bridge operator Andre Locke likened what he saw to an iconic scene from The Blues Brothers.

The man, who was reported to be 26-year-old Miguel Gomez of Allen Park by the Detroit Free Press, was arrested shortly after 7 p.m.  Gomez was charged with destruction of property and reckless driving and could face up to 5 years in prison, a $10,000 fine, or a fine of up to 3 times the cost of the damages to the bridge.

The driver was suspected of being under the influence of "whippets", which were found inside of his car.  "Whippets" are nitrous oxide canisters that are used in whipped cream dispensers.  There were no reports of any injuries.

On a lighter note, there needs to be an extensive search done for security camera footage of any cameras in the vicinity.  The more camera angles the better, because this footage could be used as B-roll in all sorts of things.  Plus, it just seems like it would be an amazing watch for anyone.  And in honor of this epic jump (don't ever actually do this in real life, this guy was a moron), check out this Top 10 Flying Cars video on Youtube:

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