There is a new landmark in Macomb County and residents have already given it a nickname.

Behold! The Golden Butthole! Yes, you did read that right. Thanks to a perfectly created Facebook page, the people in Macomb County and surrounding areas have now started referring to this new landmark as The Golden Butthole.

If you are looking for its official name, it is the M-59 Golden Corridor Icon. The Butthole is 35 feet tall and can give credit for its name to this Facebook page. At the time of writing this article, the page itself has over 3,000 like and over 3,000 followers.

If you want to see The Golden Butthole for yourself, you'll find it on Hall Road just east of Schoenherr Road in Sterling Heights. We suggest going at night as it does have lights to illuminate The Butthole after the sun goes down. The Golden Butthole cost around $300,000 to make and was built to attract visitors to the area. I think they will get some visitors, but not for the reason they had hoped.

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