Some Canadian Wolves have been introduced to Michigan's Isle Royale as part of a wolf relocation project.

According to MLive, three males and one female Canadian Wolves have all been relocated to the remote island, Isle Royale, in Lake Superior in the past week.

There are now a total of eight wolves on the island. The four new wolves will join a male and a female that already been on the island for quite some time along with two wolves from Minnesota that were relocated to the island back in the fall.

There is a population of 1,500 moose on the island that the wolves will help keep under control. The National Park Service hope to have 30 total wolves over the next couple of years.

The division chief of Natural Resources for Isle Royale National Park, Mark Romanski said, "I am even more blown away by the resilience of these wolves who within hours after undergoing capture and handling and arriving on Isle Royale, immediately got on the trail of their pack mates. These large males, all around 90 lbs., will almost certainly know what to do when they encounter a moose.

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