Next time you're floating down the Muskegon River and you think to yourself, "I'd like a burger right now", now you can have it. The inventors of the "Float 'N' Grill" will appear on Shark Tank this Friday, May 14 at 8pm. Michael Bashawaty of Livonia and Jeremy Quillico of Ionia have been creating their invention for the past 5 years. The "Float 'N' Grill" is the first-ever operational floating grill.  Mlive reports the grill sells for $229. It features textured marine-grade vinyl, a built-in igniter, a dual latch that locks the grill lid tight and a slot to hold the propane tank in place. It weighs 9 pounds and is 35. 5 inches long by 26. 5 wide by 6. 5 inches tall.

Here's the message from the inventors on their web-site,

"Hello Everyone!

A week or two ago Mike and myself decided to try out for Shark Tank for our second time. It was a spur of the moment decision because the open call was close to home. On July 16th we went to Indianapolis, Indiana to pitch our idea to a casting producer. We were much more prepared this time around as a company, and as presenters. We have a final product, and sales under our belt so we are feeling pretty good about making it to the next round."

The contraption has a removable grease trap. The grill also detaches for cleaning and storage and it’s made with rust-proof materials. It also offers three built-in cup holders. The "Float 'N' Grill is currently taking pre-orders here.

Will Mark Cuban like the idea? Can Lori Greiner see pitching this on QVC? Will Mr. Wonderful find it investable? It all depends on the margins! Good Luck "Float 'N' Grill"!

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