Governor Snyder signed a bill today to allow Michigan highway speed limits to increase to 75 miles per hour! The bill requires Michigan DOT to raise the speed limit on 600 miles of freeways if a study shows it's safe.

Does this mean that the new limits are all now instantly 75?


There are safety and engineering studies that need to be done first, because government bloat. They have to justify thousands of jobs on the payroll, so there has to be a study for everything. If the results come back that the road will be safe at 75, then the speed limit increases. If not...well...

Other highways will see an increase in rural areas to 65. So you won't be pulling your hair out, stuck at some slower speeds anymore. This will affect around 900 miles of highway in Michigan.

Other speed limits are actually decreasing, though. If you drive on a gravel road in a county with a population of more than one million people, the new speed limit will be 45.

Get ready to start having to pay attention to speed limit signs again.

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