The fall is quickly approaching and schools all across the country are scrambling to come up with plans for how to start the semester safely amidst the coronavirus pandemic.  Schools are making plans for in-person returns, remote learning, and even a hybrid of the both.

One thing schools need to consider is if social distancing and mask policies will even work with large class sizes.  Michigan officials will definitely have trouble with that question because the state's class sizes are some of the largest in the nation.

Zippia conducted a survey of the average elementary and secondary school class sizes to help give perspective to the question of what to do with students this fall.  The results of the survey gave each state an average for overall class sizes, elementary class sizes, and secondary class sizes.

Michigan ranked as having the 3rd most crowded classrooms in the country with Zippia stating that "The state has the highest elementary school class size of 24.2 students."

States With The Most Crowded Classrooms In The Country

  1. Utah
  2. California
  3. Michigan
  4. Nevada
  5. Oregon

To see the entire list of states and how they ranked you can check out the entire study on Zippia.

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