Larry Ramey bagged a biggun' up on the Big Manistee River on Monday.

Larry, who happens to be a fishing guide, helped his business immensely by reeling in a 42-inch, 40-pound Chinook on Monday.

He posted the photo to his Premier Angling Guides Facebook page immediately, and even changed his profile pic to this one, because that's a monster fish.

Larry let the big guy go, mainly because he was hauling over 100 fish eggs with him during spawning season, and Larry figures those are all fish that can grow up and his clients can haul in later. Keeping it real!

By the way, the biggest Chinook ever caught in Michigan was slightly bigger than that according to DNR records. It was a 43.5 inch, 42 pounder taken in on the grand River right here in GR way back in 1978.


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