A few years ago, video game mastermind Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro released a playable trailer for a new game they were working on, called Silent Hills. It was a huge hit, and everyone was super excited for the game. So excited that some Michigan filmmakers decided to create a live action version of the trailer. Watch it above.

Unfortunately, Konami killed the project, which also had Norman Reedus (of The Walking Dead) attached to it. Then everyone got sad.

Really, really, sad.

So all we've been left with is the video playthroughs of the trailer, and the live action movie recreation made by Oddest of the Odd, the Michigan filmmakers.

Until now!

Oddest of the Odd are back, with the second chapter of what they think could have been the story. The guys really took things to the next level, and keep the creepiness and scares throughout.

Check out Silent Hills in Real Life Part 2 below. Really well done, and super creepy!

It's really cool to see more awesome stuff like this coming out of Michigan! They have quite a few great videos on their channel, mostly comedy and horror, or comedy/horror...some really cool stuff.

Hopefully these guys will get an offer to do a big movie, like the guys who created Lights Out a couple years ago, and turned their short film into a feature-length movie.

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