This is what you would call the playhouse of any child's dream.

Adam Boyd, a dad from Highland, MI is going viral after sharing pictures of the playhouse he built for his two young daughters. What makes this so different is that it's not the typical one that you and I had as a child because for starters its 2-stories and looks like a legit house you'd find in a neighborhood! But attached to it is a jungle gym with a slide, swings and a rock climbing wall.

Not only is the outside gorgeous but the inside doesn't disappoint either. You walk into a house with hardwood floors, shades of purple walls, a kitchen set, a table for tea parties, a cute couch and chairs and a loft that looks like a tower made for a princess. Put it this way, I'd live in this playhouse.

Boyd posted the pictures to his company's Facebook page, in August, which advertises "specializing in residential remodeling..." He told ABC News that after the positive reactions he's gotten, he's starting a new business based on lavish playhouses for kids. Boyd says that while it took some time to build, it was all worth it because it will be in his backyard forever. With that being saId, if I were his daughter I'd never leave home.

You can see the pictures in the gallery below.

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