Whoa! This would be an amazing payday...

Phillip and Dawn Chippewa of Sutton Bay on Wednesday, popped into the Michigan Lottery office and claimed their $80 Million Powerball Jackpot. According to MLive, the couple showed up with their 7 kids and 21 grandchildren in tow to collect the loot.

The couple won the jackpot on September 21st when they matched all 5 white numbers and the Powerball number.  But as the MLive story reports, the couple didn't know they won until a day or so after the drawing. Dwan told MLive that her husband bought the ticket and just left it in his truck. It wasn't until Dawn was talking to her sister and found out the winning ticket had been bought in town that they decided to check.  that's when they found out they won the jackpot.

The couple told MLive that they still plan to work their jobs with the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians with Dawn retiring in April after 25 years and Phillip has no plans to retire and he's already at 30 years.  they say they've stressed to their family the money, which they chose the $42 Million lump sum, won't change their lives, they're still the couple who worries about spending over $100 or going on vacation.

By the way, according to MLive, the day Phillip and Dawn went to Lansing was the first day in 15 years that Dawn had taken a day off. I really hope they're able to enjoy their retirement, this couple seems like they've worked plenty hard for it.

“One thing we stressed with them is that we’re not going to let it change our lives enough,” Dawn Chippewa said of their children. “We still want them to learn respect and work ethic. We told them ‘We’re still working, you guys will be working."

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