About half of the U.S. has current hands-free law and Michigan may soon join that list.

"Hands-free" prohibits the use of a cell phone, even holding one, while driving. Now with more people getting back on the road, a package of bills has been introduced to ban cell phone use. UpNorthLive reports that the bipartisan bill (supported by both political parties) was introduced by the House

...aimed at reducing-- if not, eliminating-- distracted driving.

It's no secret that distracted driving has skyrocketed since cell phones became a daily part of our lives. AAA Michigan fully backs this bill and is encouraging lawmakers to vote "yes."

Distracted driving remains a growing traffic safety problem here in Michigan. Our research shows that education and legislation are key factors in changing driving behavior.

According to 2019 data over 3,100 Americans died in accidents related to distracted driving; this includes 71 fatalities in Michigan.

Currently, the laws in Michigan only bans texting while driving which means it's not illegal to use a cell phone to stream, use an app, or check email and social media. This new package of bills would address all of that, and hands-free would include all electronic devices. Obviously, the exception would be in case of emergency situations or when using voice-activated technology.

A spokesperson with the AAA said in a statement that enacting a law like this will prevent someone from becoming another statistic.

The bills would also increase the fines and amount of community service associated with violating the law.

To avoid distracted driving, AAA has some useful tips here which include pulling over to the side if its necessary to use your device.

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