If you like to perch fish, fishing just got a little better, the House passed three bills banning commercial fishing for perch on the Great Lakes.

According to MLive, now that three House Bills have banned commercial fishing of perch should help out the local guy trying to catch some for his family. Commercial fishing of walleye and lake trout have also been banned.

Sports fishermen and conservationists are the big winners on the bills passing not to mention the preservation of the Great Lakes fisheries.

Saginaw Bay sports fisherman Mike Kelly said, "I think that there was great support for the conservation and the bills, I think it goes to show you that there's a lot of strong support in our legislature for conservation and protecting our natural resources, especially as they relate to the Great Lakes."

Michigan's commercial fishermen are not very happy about the bills passing and fear they could go out of business.

Lakon Williams of the Bay Port Fish Co said, "I knew that this was going to happen, unfortunately we've been trying since the summertime to get through to the House of Representatives that this isn't what we want and this isn't what we need, and that this will put us out of business It's just kind of fallen on deaf ears."

Many commercial fishermen are getting together to see if they can fight this in the Senate.

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