This man was not just reckless with his driving.

WXYZ Detroit reports that a 28-year-old man from Waterford decided to go on a joyride with a Tesla that he was test driving from Somerset Mall. He not only took it up to high speeds on the freeway but he was also on Facebook live documenting the whole thing. Troy Police received several calls on the afternoon of January 8th regarding a 2019 Tesla S going south of I-75 east of Adams doing around 130 mph.

Police were attempting to look for the driver when they received calls about the same Tesla doing donuts in the parking lot of a building.

After finding him and pulling him over, the man refused to show his license. He was eventually arrested and during transport to jail, the man threatened to kill the officer and his family. While at the facility, he then threatened to burn down the entire Troy Police Department.

The man was charged with reckless driving, no operator's license and two counts of obstruction of a police officer.

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