I remember being a kid and hearing stories in the news about "White Boy Rick" a.k.a. Rick Wershe. He will be a free man from prison Monday, July 20.

It's really a crazy story about a teenager acted as an FBI informant turned drug dealer and has spent the last 32 years in prison for a nonviolent drug offense.

This was such a big story that an actual documentary was filmed telling the story of White Boy Rick.

Rick Wershe was imprisoned so long for an old mandatory life law that the state had for anyone being caught with 650 grans if cocaine or more. This is a great documentary and it will blow your mind. No pun intended.

I'm not saying we should rally around drug dealers but if you watch the documentary and see how the laws have changed, Wershe got screwed in the end.

According to FOX 17, retired FBI agent Greg Schwartz said, "third world countries don't incarcerated like this. He's contributed greatly to law enforcement. I challenge anybody to tell me one prisoner who has contributed more to law enforcement than this man."

The strange thing about Wershe, was the law that he went to prison for was later overturned in court and deemed unconstitutional but yet he was not allowed to leave prison.

Many people who supported Wesrshe's release have referred to him as a political prisoner.

The FBI took on Wershe as an informant at the age of 14 which is kind of shady on the their part. Especially when Wershe was shot at age 15 when a hitman was hired a kill him. Some say it was someone tied to the Detroit Police Department ties to the former mayor Coleman Young Jr.

This is a wild story and I only touched on how deep it gets in my article. Do yourself a favor and watch the full White Boy Rick documentary and you will see just how messed up the FBI, law enforcement in Detroit and drug dealings were back in the day in the Motor City.

Rick "White Boy Rick" Wershe will be a free man Monday when his fiancee from middle school will pick him up from prison for a second chance to start over.

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