Pretty much the only reason that I do not have cable is because I can't afford the extra expense.

In reality though, the reason I don't have a cable or satellite provider is because I know there will not be a 5th season of Metalocalype.

It's been some time since we have heard from the band Dethklok and I have been awaiting their return, much like a usual episode of Metalocalypse.

Well, after waiting for an answer from creator Brendon Small, we finally have the reason why there has not been a 5th season of my favorite television show.

Adult Swim (Cartoon Network) decided to cancel the series.

What a load of crap! This was many people's only reason to actually watch the channel! There is so much stupid crap on Adult Swim nowadays, why would they get rid of something that birthed a touring band and got a whole new group of people to watch your channel? I know at least 4 people who bought all of the DVD's!

Plus to go along with the touring group, Dethklok even released 3 albums that even made it to Number 1! The only Death Metal band to do so!

So, screw Adult Swim! I'll boycott until my favorite show comes back!

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