Oh man, College was a blast! I miss it everyday! The friends I made, the freedom I had, etc. It was my first official time that I moved away from everything in my hometown. I went to Eastern Michigan University. Regardless of all the bad press this place receives, I loved every minute I was there and I got the true college experience out of it, meaning that I lived in the dorms.

402 Buell Hall!

The picture below doesn't feature me, but it does feature my friends Tom and Raymond. I think Raymond was doing something with his guitar or whatever, but just look at how the place looks. This was a pretty typical day in my dorm room. Crap everywhere, the legendary Blue Chair, Nick's (other roommate) stuff ALWAYS in the middle of the f***ing floor, and a $50 futon that was a complete disaster at the end of the year.

My first year at EMU was one of the most memorable years of my life. Years went on and they were great, but nothing compares to how fun the first year was, cause everything was new! If you have the chance to get away for college, do it. Also, don't pay attention to the media when it comes to EMU, it is actually a good college to go to, just don't walk the Ypsi street by yourself after dark...just sayin'.

(Photo: Metalhead Ned)
(Photo: Metalhead Ned)

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