When you are a guitarist, there are guitars that just feel right.

I have been in bands before, and because of real life slapping me in the face, I had to put away the guitar so I could focus on my career and paying my bills on time.

Thanks to my wife, her and I were encouraged to finally get back into what we liked doing before life took over.

For me, that was guitar. I had played in bands like a pop punk band named Groundswitch, and an acoustic band named The Drunk I Love You's.

My fingertips have gone back to normal and I haven't seriously picked up a guitar for a few years now.

Remember that scene in 'Wayne's World' when Wayne looked the Fender in the case and uttered those words...

That's how I felt when I picked up the Dean Cadillac.

It plays so well, and it's one of those things that I didn't know I liked until I finally picked one up. See, when I started playing guitar, I wanted something that looked cool! That's all fine and good, but what is really important is something that plays good. Nothing beats a guitar that just plays and feels right.

The first time that I ever picked up a Dean guitar was at Guitar Center, and I picked up the Dime-O-Flame ML guitar. It was sick and played very well! However, I learned after blowing some change on a guitar I learned to hate, the Dean Vendetta that Floyd Rose tremolo isn't for everybody.

I didn't care to do dive bombs and I don't want to be the next Eddie Van Halen. I just want to be loud and crazy, and this Dean Cadillac screamed that.

My new guitar arrives sometime this week, and I can't wait!