The other day, Megadeth played an unusual set in China, of a lot of instrumental versions of songs, and quite a few of their normal setlist missing entirely. No word was given up front, or on stage as to what was going on, but today, Dave Muscatine confirmed it was under instruction from the Chinese government.

There are serious laws about religion and politics in China, and you are not allowed to play certain songs, and not allowed to sing certain lyrics in China. They don't mess around with punishments, either, so don't challenge them.

When Metallica played shows there in 2013, they had to submit their lyrics, and were told which songs they could and couldn't play at their shows. Apparently the Chinese government is very open about it, and usually publishes the restrictions on bands online, so it's not exactly a secret.

Megadeth hasn't dropped songs like "Holy Wars...The Punishment Due" from their set, they just couldn't play them in China.

Here are a couple of the songs from the instrumental form. They sound kind of weird without vocals, but they still kick a lot of ass. Enjoy!