A few weeks ago, Evanescence announced that their guitarist Terry Balsamo was out, and they'd gotten a new guitarist named Jen Majura. Who's this? She's a German guitarist who's been on some great albums from Blind Guardian, Rage, Equilibrium, and more!

This is not just a 'girl-power' move from Evanescence, as Jen can both play amazing guitar, and she can also sing! She was in the choir for Blind Guardian's "Sacred", has sung with Rage...and it doesn't hurt that she's easy on the eyes!

Jen on how she got into Evanescence:

"I have no idea. My name was somehow recommended by a sweet friend of mine, Alex Skolnick of Testament...and all of a sudden there was this email popping up, 'Areyou be interested in joining?'

It was like, what the f***?

I stopped breathing, until my face turned kind of blue, you know, and then afterwards I was like, okay I've gotta read it again...I found myself suddenly on an airplane, flying over to New York to meet Amy Lee."

via EMP Rockinvasion

She'll be with Evanescence on the road this November here in the US, and then on to Japan to co-headline Ozzfest!

  • 11/13 - Nashville, TN
  • 11/15 - Dallas, TX
  • 11/17 - Los Angeles, CA
  • 11/21 - Tokyo, Japan

Check out some videos of Jen tearing it up on guitar, and singing at some huge festivals.

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