Um, I’m bald, so I’m happy to hear that McDonald Fries may help my hair grow back; as long as it’s not back hair that grows.

I know, right now you're asking how are McDonald's fries curing baldness?  I came across an article on WLWT, and it was talking about a study out of Japan, where researchers were able to get hair to regrow on mice from using a chemical that’s used in McDonald fries.

Stem cell researchers at Yokohama National University succeeded in regrowing hair on mice by using dimethylpolysiloxane to mass-produce "hair follicle germs," or HFG. Dimethylpolysiloxane is the silicone that is added to McDonald's fries to prevent the oil from frothing


WLWT says researchers were able to produce around 5,000 HFGs which is more than they’re ever been able to before, and it kept growing on the mice.  There’s a lot more to the study and you can read that HERE, but just know this is considered a breakthrough in trying to find a cure for baldness.

Of course, there’s still more testing to be done as so far the study has only been done on mice, but if this works, I may not be bald much longer, and I can’t believe I may have Mickey D’s fries to thank.

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