McDonald's might be trying to make up for ditching all day breakfast with their announcement of the addition of 3 new pastries to their menu.

The new additions to the menu are the Apple Fritter, Blueberry Muffin, and the Cinnamon Roll.  These 3 new pastries are being marketed as a breakfast food, but they say in a press release that the pastries will be available for breakfast, "break time...or lunch time...or coffee time...or me time, or...anytime, really".

Ever since McDonald's announced that the new pastries are available at any time, a whole new attention has been given to the possibility of an all day breakfast return.

Back in March, McDonald's took a bunch of steps to better serve their customers and streamline the work to be done for the employees.  The changes that they made were because of the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and have stuck around ever since.  One of those changes was cancelling all day breakfast, and now it seems they might be trying to give back a little to the customers who really miss it.

Will McDonald's bring back all day breakfast?  Maybe, but that is a big maybe because even though the outrage online might have seemed deafening, the actual sales of all day breakfast fell flat after the initial excitement fell off.  As for right now, we wouldn't get too excited about the return of an all day breakfast outside of some more additions to this pastry menu.

McDonald's breakfast started in 1970 and the first Egg McMuffin was served in 1971.  The Apple Fritter, Blueberry Muffin, and Cinnamon Roll will appear on menus (all day) starting on October 28th.

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