This mask debate has now reached a new level in Michigan and a deputy having to shoot a man over it.

I just don't understand the problem with wearing a mask. Other countries are doing it and they are lowering the spread of COVID-19 in doing so. This is saving lives and keeping their economies going.

In April and May, when people in America and all over Michigan were following the rules of wearing masks, social distancing and keeping their hands cleans, we all helped lower the infection and death rates.

Now that people believe this is some sort of way of losing their rights and has become a political issue rather than a health issue, cases are rising and so is the death toll.

According to WOOD, a Michigan sheriff's deputy had to shoot a man for stabbing another man who questioned the guy about not wearing a mask at a party store in Grand Ledge.

Really? It has come to this, a man gets stabbed for questioning a man about not wearing a mask then a sheriff has to shoot the man for trying to stab her too.

When a person goes to war, they carry a gun and wear a helmet correct? We are at war with a virus and our equipment are a mask, social distance and wash our hands. So step up and be a soldier in this war.

Michiganders as well as all Americans used to unite when the country was in trouble and now we can't agree on doing simple things to protect each other from a virus that is not going away anytime soon. Just wait until the fall and winter months kick in for cold season, are we all going to go to battle against one another or are we going to act like real men and women and do the right thing in the best interest of the whole state and country?

WOOD said the 43-year-old suspect stabbed at 77-year-old man outside of a Quality Dairy when he was asked about not wearing a mask. The older man is in the hospital now in stable condition.

The Eaton County Sheriff's Department was notified and when the sheriff deputy found the suspects car she approached him and he tried to stab her as well. The deputy then shot the man who later died in the hospital.

Tell me if I'm wrong, but if the suspect had followed the order to wear a mask , he would still be alive. That doesn't seem like a tough order to follow.

Governor Gretchen Witmer didn't just make this order up to piss people off, its a decision that was based on data and information from the health department to keep people safe during the pandemic and keep our economy running.

No one likes wearing these masks, I get it, I don't but I still do out of respect to fellow Michiganders, family, co-workers and friends. There is just no need for people to die over such a simple request.

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