Back in March, it was announced that Smashing Pumpkins and Marilyn Manson would be embarking on the co-headlining "The End Times" tour this summer. On Monday, Manson and  held a press conference in Chicago to talk about the tour. You can watch the presser above.

Corgan and Manson are entertaining personalities on their own, but when you get them together, the silliness factor increases exponentially. Here are some of the things we learned from the press conference:

Back in 1997 the pair talked about forming a band based on the feeling you get from muscle relaxers. “Well, I think that this tour is what happened to it," Manson says. "The band was going to be called Fruity at the time, because we thought that the pills made us feel fruity, that was it. I don’t really know what that meant, at the time. I don’t know if it was more of an in the moment situation, or if it was the surroundings.”

Corgan says, “I think there was a fantasy of what it would mean to have a band together, and then everyone we would meet would be in the band. Like Flavor Flav was in the band, [porn star] Jenna Jameson was in the band, but then it never happened.”

We also learned Corgan is not a fan of tours where an album is played in its entirety. "When people talk about nostalgia, it's their version of nostalgia, which by the way is really f--king boring," Corgan says. "Look how many bands now for five years have been doing the 'play the record.' Do you hear a big buzz about that stuff? ... Everybody's done it, everybody's ran to that tilt, so now what? What qualifies as nostalgia, I don't know?"

Manson is a fan of Imagine Dragons, but isn't happy with himself about it, saying, "I like to put on Imagine Dragons when someone says something that pisses me off. I just put on Imagine Dragons because it's like a punishment. I like the song, but I hate liking it so I put it on as a punishment to everyone in the room."

In addition to liking Imagine Dragons, Manson also has a soft spot for Justin Timberlake, saying, ""I like 'Only When I Walk Away' because it's very sassy and bluesy."

"The End Times" tour kicks off July 7 in Concord, Calif. See the full list of dates here.

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