A man who lives in Belding, Michigan, may have shot and killed his neighbor in self defense.

According to WZZM, a loud party early on Sunday morning led to an altercation and 44 year old Robert Morgan getting shot and killed.

Morgan owned a vacant lot near the shooter who complained earlier about the loud party and how its patrons were driving erratically through the neighborhood.

The shooter said Morgan and another man came back later and threatened him and his family and says he fired in self defense.

A neighbor from across the WZZM, "He had to do what he had to do. He said everybody was threatened in the house. Pulled into the front yard and started threatening everybody."

The bullet that killed Robert Morgan also wounded 22-year-old Jacob VanEnk who had arrived and threatened the shooter and his family with Morgan

The Kent County Prosecutor will review the evidence and the results of the investigation to finalize if the weapon was used in self defense.


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