The internet has shown us exactly how big and amazing our world truly is. Everyday the internet fills to the brim with crap so weird, that it tops the bizarre happenings from the previous day. You can also learn a ton of different lessons from the misfortune of folks from around the world, since the internet truly spans the entire planet. Today's lesson... don't make homemade guillotines. SERIOUSLY!

A Bellingham man was out doin' a little camping. Some lame jerks would fill their camping activities list with lackluster activities such as ghost stories or roasting marshmallows. Not this guy. He decided his time in the wild would be best served by making his own fully functional medieval style guillotine. The problem with guillotines has ALWAYS been the efficiency at which they are able to sever human heads and extremities. Nothing tops a guillotine for a good choppin'.

This man's guillotine experience was no different than most people who come in contact with  a guillotine. The idiot managed to sever his own arm with his crudely built device. After the incident the guy got his balls out of his purse and walked his one armed idiotness to the hospital. Yes, you read that correctly... HE WALKED! Doctors were alerted to the fact that a one armed seriously injured fella had staggered through the emergency room doors.

Police ventured into the woods to retrieve the guy's arm and he was flown to another hospital in hopes that the arm could be reattached. The story doesn't go in to detail on the specifics of whether or not he got his arm back, but learning to masturbate with the other hand would serve as a solid reminder NOT to make any more homemade guillotines.

[Via: Seattle Pi]