Each year, the Michigan State Police release traffic crash statistics and we've compiled the 10 most dangerous intersections in West Michigan with the help of data from ClickOnDetroit.com.

It isn't much of a surprise that 28th St shows up 6 times in the top 10.  28th St is one of the busiest streets in West Michigan and has some crazy intersections.  In fact, the most dangerous intersection in West Michigan (28th St SE and Broadmoor Ave SE) is the 6th most dangerous intersection in the state with only 8 fewer crashes than the intersection of 12 Mile Rd and Dequindre Rd, which is the most dangerous.

ClickOnDetroit.com actually goes as far as listing the top 5,000 most dangerous intersections in the state.

  • 10

    28th St SE and East Paris Ave SE

    51 Accidents
  • 9

    54th St SW and S Division Ave

    51 Accidents
  • 8

    44th St SE and S Division Ave

    53 Accidents
  • 7

    28th St SE and S Division Ave

    53 Accidents
  • 6

    28th St SE and Eastern Ave SE

    53 Accidents
  • 5

    E Beltline Ave SE and Lake Eastbrook Blvd SE

    60 Accidents
  • 4

    Lake Michigan Dr NW and Wilson Ave NW

    60 Accidents
  • 3

    28th St SE and Breton Rd SE

    61 Accidents
  • 2

    28th St SE and Kalamazoo Ave SE

    62 Accidents
  • 1

    28th St SE and Broadmoor Ave SE

    77 Accidents

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