A Richland man has been sentenced to 15 months in prison for tampering with vitamins at West Michigan Meijer stores.

WWMT- News Channel 3 reports that 35-year-old Brian Conover pleaded guilty to tampering with vitamins stores in Kalamazoo, Calhoun and Allegan counties over the summer.

Police say that Conover took bottles from the shelves and replaced the vitamins with chocolate chips, cat food and even other drugs, like heart medications, before putting the containers back.

Fox 17 reports that according to a criminal complaint filed by a special agent with the FBI,  a Meijer detective spotted Brian Conover on surveillance video returning the alleged tampered vitamins for a gift card from the retailer.

According to The Grand Rapids Press/ MLive Media Group, 22  tampered packages were found on the shelves of Meijer stores. Video surveillance linked Conover with 11 of the tampered products.

In an email to the FBI before his arrest, Conover said he was "in no way a terrorist or am I out to hurt anyone at anytime. I am a poor college student that made some drug induced bad decisions."

In addition to the jail time, Conover will also have to pay Meijer $14,000.