Everyone knows that the internet loves bacon. Sure, it's with good reason because bacon is, in fact delicious.

But maybe its just a little bit over-hyped online. And if you watch this video, it may be a while before you want to eat a piece of bacon again.

Matt Stonie is a competitive eater.

He holds some highly sought after records, like eating five pounds of birthday cake in eight minutes, 24 gyros in 10 minutes; and, now, 182 slices of bacon in five minutes.

The reality is that 182 slices of bacon in a week would be an asinine amount of bacon. This guy does it in five minutes.

That mean's he ingested roughly 600 grams of fat, 25,000 milligrams of sodium, and nearly 8,000 calories in just 300 seconds. He's lucky he didn't have a grabber right on the spot.

Source: Free Beer & Hot Wings